VANILLA BEAN moist vanilla cake + vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream

GOLDEN VELVET old-fashioned sour cream cake + cream cheese frosting* think red velvet without the food coloring* 


​BERRIES & CREAM moist vanilla cake + vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream + fresh berries 

APPLE STREUSEL brown butter cake + house-made apple preserves + brown butter buttercream + oat streusel


LEMON & RASPBERRY tender lemon cake + lemon cream cheese frosting + fresh raspberries 

BROWN BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP chocolate chip cake + brown butter buttercream with chocolate flecks


ALMOND & ESPRESSO almond sour cream cake + espresso buttercream

ALMOND & SALTED CARAMEL almond cake + crunchy caramel buttercream + salted caramel swirl

PEAR ALMOND brown butter cake + almond buttercream + house-made pear preserves

PEGGY SUE old-fashioned sour cream cake + mousseline chocolate buttercream


CHOCOLATE & PRALINE valrhona chocolate cake + crunchy praline buttercream + salted caramel swirl 


CHOCOLATE VELVET valrhona chocolate cake + cream cheese frosting

MOCHA  valrhona chocolate cake + espresso buttercream

​CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE valrhona chocolate cake + mousseline chocolate buttercream

CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER valrhona chocolate cake + peanut butter cream cheese frosting

​​*free to mix + match cake and filling flavors to make your own combination*


*all flavors can be made gluten free for an additional charge*


cakes with standard decor

8"round (serves 10-14) $100       

10"round (serves 16-20) $150

12"round (serves 25-30) $200        

1/2 sheet (serves 30-40) $250            


custom decorated cakes start at $300

tiered cakes start at $300



$150 for 2 dozen of the same flavor

with standard decor

custom decorated cupcakes start 

at $300 for two dozen

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