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VANILLA BEAN moist vanilla cake + vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream

GOLDEN VELVET old-fashioned sour cream cake + cream cheese frosting* think red velvet without the food coloring* 


​BERRIES & CREAM moist vanilla cake + vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream + fresh berries 


LEMON & RASPBERRY tender lemon cake + lemon cream cheese frosting + fresh raspberries 


CHOCOLATE CHIP chocolate chip cake + brown butter buttercream


ALMOND & ESPRESSO almond sour cream cake + espresso buttercream

ALMOND & SALTED CARAMEL almond cake + crunchy caramel buttercream + salted caramel swirl

PEGGY SUE old-fashioned sour cream cake + mousseline chocolate buttercream


CHOCOLATE & PRALINE valrhona chocolate cake + crunchy praline buttercream + salted caramel swirl 


CHOCOLATE VELVET valrhona chocolate cake + cream cheese frosting

MOCHA  valrhona chocolate cake + espresso buttercream

​CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE valrhona chocolate cake + mousseline chocolate buttercream

CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER valrhona chocolate cake + peanut butter cream cheese frosting

​​*free to mix + match cake and filling flavors to make your own combination*


*all flavors can be made gluten free for an additional charge*



We proudly use mostly ORGANIC ingredients in our cakes. This includes organic butter, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla beans, and fruit. Our cakes are filled with a choice of italian meringue based buttercreams or cream cheese based frostings. The buttercream is very light in texture & subtly sweet. The cream cheese frosting is a little thicker & a little sweeter with a bit of tang.


The most important thing is to enjoy the cakes at ROOM TEMPERATURE! If the cake is not tempered before serving, the cake will seem dry and the buttercream will be hard. 

                     3D cakes start at $1000
        Custom designed round cakes start at $500
                     Tiered cakes start at $500
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