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We proudly use mostly ORGANIC ingredients in our cakes. This includes organic butter, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla beans, and fruit. Our cakes are filled with a choice of italian meringue based buttercreams or cream cheese based frostings. The buttercream is very light in texture & subtly sweet. The cream cheese frosting is a little thicker and a little sweeter with a little tang. 



TRADITIONAL BRIDES' moist vanilla cake + vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream

GOLDEN VELVET old-fashioned sour cream cake + cream cheese frosting 

                                       * think red velvet without the food coloring - the most popular flavor* 

BERRIES & CREAM moist vanilla cake + vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream + fresh berries 


LEMON & RASPBERRY tender lemon cake + lemon cream cheese frosting + fresh raspberries


BROWN BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP chocolate chip cake + brown butter buttercream with chocolate flecks

PEGGY SUE old-fashioned sour cream cake + mousseline chocolate buttercream

ALMOND & ESPRESSO almond sour cream cake + espresso buttercream

ALMOND & SALTED CARAMEL  almond sour cream cake + crunchy caramel buttercream + salted caramel swirl

CHOCOLATE & PRALINE valrhona chocolate cake + crunchy praline buttercream + salted caramel swirl 

CHOCOLATE VELVET valrhona chocolate cake + cream cheese frosting

MOCHA  valrhona chocolate cake + espresso buttercream

CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE valrhona chocolate cake + mousseline chocolate buttercream

CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER valrhona chocolate cake + peanut butter cream cheese frosting

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